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Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School: Putting our Faith in Education

John Carmel Heenan, (1905-1975), was Bishop of Leeds, Archbishop of Liverpool and Cardinal of Westminster. This school is a living tribute to a very faithful servant of God. We are proud to bear his name.


Mission Statement


Our Mission

This school exists to serve the Catholic community in providing education of our young within a faith environment, grounded in the vision of Jesus Christ.  Our school aims to ensure that all are able to realise their potential, take their responsibilities seriously, respect themselves and others, and grow in the love of God.  We aim to serve each other, the Church, parents and the wider community.

We recognise that every person is created in God’s image and we value every individual as an equal and with unconditional acceptance.  We strive to create an atmosphere where each person is inspired, encouraged and supported to the highest levels of educational achievement.

Our Goals


To celebrate our faith by creating structures and encouraging attitudes that will make prayer and liturgy highly valued, with all members of our community becoming involved.

Attitudes and Values

To create within the school a caring community that respects the dignity, integrity and individual needs of all and to develop an understanding and pride in the diversity that is our school’s and this country’s heritage.  In so doing, to ensure that this is a place of truth, honour and kindness where the values of the gospel are seen in all that is attempted and achieved, and where the love of God touches all who come into contact with the school.


To provide all pupils with the means and opportunity to identify and develop their potential intellectually, physically, spiritually and socially, through a balance of self discovery and excellent teaching.


To value the diversity of people’s backgrounds and faiths in our global community and to promote equality of opportunity for all.  In so doing, to work with partners, other schools and local businesses to develop life-long learning opportunities and to establish the school in the wider community.

Using Our Talents

To use the expertise and resources of the school’s specialist language status in developing innovative practice and raising standards across the school.

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