ICT, Business & Music

In ICT, Business and Music we believe that studying these subjects enriches lives by developing the whole person in the wider world. ICT, Business and Music discover and nurture pupils’ God given talents enabling them to fulfil their potential where technologies and cultures are constantly changing. ICT, Business and Music contribute to our learning and faith community by:

  • Providing pupils with the opportunity to explore the safe and ethical use of modern technology
  • Considering the moral dilemmas presented when using these technologies
  • Understanding that music provides us with the opportunity to reflect in awe and wonder at the beauty of God
  • Making music which is contributing to the natural beauty of the world.


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OCR Cambridge National Certificate or National Diploma in ICT

Board: OCR   Subject Code: J810



All pupils will complete the following mandatory units:

  • Understanding computer systems (1 hour)
    Written Paper worth 25% of overall qualification
  • Using ICT to create business solutions (Approximately 10 hours)
    Controlled Assessment worth 25% of overall qualification

Pupils will then complete a further two optional units (25% each of overall qualification) selected from the following:

  • Handling data using spreadsheets
  • Handling data using databases
  • Creating an interactive product creating digital images using multimedia components
  • Creating digital images
  • Creating dynamic products using sound and vision
  • Introduction to computer programming
  • Exploring computer hardware and networks
  • Developing control systems
  • Understanding technology – a project approach

These units will be coursework based and moderated by the examining body.

All units are worth 60 marks each and therefore overall out of 240 marks. Pupils’ work is assessed and graded accordingly within
boundaries at a level 1 or 2 Pass, Merit or Distinction grade. Pupil’s will be given feedback of mark allocation and their target

Pupils are required to produce portfolios of lengthy assignments for each unit in order to meet the learning objectives per unit
set by the examining body (OCR). Teacher guidance and support is available during this process however, students are expected
to produce work of an original nature and to do so independently.

Tips for Parents

Pupils have access to comprehensive on-line learning resources that have been designed specifically for this course. These resources
may be found on the school’s Moodle learning platform, accessed via the school website. The Moodle learning
platform requires a user log-in and password. These were issued to all students at the start of the course. Students also have
access to additional learning resources through their lessons.

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