My apologies to all parents and carers for the second recent school closure. As I am sure you are aware, the snow which fell heavily during the Thursday morning rush hour was unexpected and caused huge issues on the roads. Metro informed us that school special bus services to Cardinal Heenan would have a late start and, a short time later, that they would not run at all. Many staff were stuck in stationary traffic at that stage and for very long periods afterwards. It was not possible to send a message to parents via School Gateway until 8.00am because the service worked very slowly, unable to handle large numbers of school users, each attempting to send thousands of texts simultaneously. The best we could do in these challenging circumstances was for a colleague to post a message on Twitter (from a car also in a traffic jam). This then appeared on the school website. When circumstances permit, the school will always try to issue a message through the Gateway app and to post a message on the school website, in addition to alerting local media and the website.

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