Pupils who attend our Science Club at lunchtimes have written and produced the first issue of Argon, their new science magazine.  Congratulations to all our young scientists in Years 7 to 10 on an entertaining, informative, erudite publication.  Editor Ciara Aveyard, Year 10, rightly describes the pupils involved as ‘a team of passionate, curious and questioning scientists’.  The first issue contains an interview with a particle physicist, updates on recent scientific research and articles on the human brain, the ethics of stem cell research, water bears and an introduction to ‘The Weird and Wonderful World of Synaesthesia’ by Year 7 pupil Hannah Ponting, complete with cartoons.  The issue includes a ‘ridiculously hard’ scientific crossword, reviews of scientific books, a recipe for home-made ice cream and some good jokes.  A copy is attached.  Special thanks to Dr Castelino who finds time to coordinate all this activity during her lunch break.


 The full copy of issue one may be downloaded here.

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