Congratulations to a group of our Year 9 pupils on winning the Leeds Golden Owl Award with their new film Unsurelock Holmes: A Study In… Something. Our pupils joined guests and VIPs on the red carpet of Leeds Town Hall to receive their award, presented by Waterloo Road's Dean Smith. The movie was premiered on the big screen in Millennium Square earlier this month. 

World famous consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, is an unparalleled genius who can solve any crime that's laid before him.  Unsurelock Holmes, however, may take his time.  The film stars Emily Hobson in the title role, Peter Bowdin as Dr Watson, Ciara Maloney as Sergeant Bradstreet, Carmel Allinson as Gretta Bongodotter (a corpse), Cameron Bradbury as a forensic scientist and James Dalzell as a laboratory scientist.  Sean Sexton and Tessa Duffy managed numerous technical details. Emily’s little sister, Louisa, plays the vital off-screen roles of Official Door Closer and Camera Guard!

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