Inspiring a love of reading in our pupils has always been an important aim of the school.  All pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 are expected to read at least two core texts and two books of their own choosing during this school year: we hope to see pupils reading many more books.  Pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 have been given a Reading Passport by their English teachers next week.  This document lists core texts that your child will be expected to have read by the end of the school year in July 2018.  Each core text presents something new and interesting and will capture the imagination.  At times pupils may find elements of the text challenging: this will help them improve their reading ability.  Core texts are differentiated and suitable for each child’s reading ability.  We believe that the level of challenge within these texts will enhance reading, literacy, writing, imagination and critical thinking skills.

All core texts and very many other suitable books may be borrowed from our newly expanded and refurbished school library.  We suggest that local public libraries are used too.  Parents may, of course, wish to buy copies of the recommended texts.  They are widely available.

Pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9 will have a designated Reading for Pleasure lesson in the school library, once a fortnight, as part of the English curriculum.  During this lesson pupils will read a chosen book and will be set challenges and tasks in order to engage with characters, themes and structure and to think critically about author’s craft.  As your child completes a book, there is a place in the reading passport for you to sign and date, as proof that the recommended reading is taking place.

In addition to dedicated time in English lessons, pupils in all year groups will be reading during registration time every Wednesday and Thursday.  It is expected that all pupils at Cardinal Heenan will have the selected Reading for Pleasure book with them at all times during the school day.  As part of promoting a love of reading across the school, pupils will occasionally be asked to read in other subjects. 

All pupils and staff will take part in dedicated Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) time on Friday 15 December from 9.05am to 9.35am. Please remind your child to bring a book into school on the day.

All pupils working in school are engaged in a new curriculum which demands high levels of reading skills.  Success at GCSE depends upon the ability to read, evaluate and analyse texts effectively.  By encouraging your child to read, you will be enabling him or her to access a range of complex texts and supporting progress across the curriculum.  I know that we can rely on the support of parents in promoting the love of reading.

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