In churches across the Diocese we celebrate the first Sunday of Advent this weekend.  In school Advent will be marked by prayer and liturgy, in assemblies, in display around the school and in activities to raise money for good causes.  Advent activities will be led by Mrs Holder, Chaplaincy Coordinator, supported throughout the school community. Pupils will have opportunities to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation next Friday, 8 December, when a team of visiting priests, led by our priest chaplain, Fr Josh Hilton, will be in school.  Although we have been bombarded for many weeks by the premature announcements of Christmas, the emphasis at Cardinal Heenan will be on the season of Advent.  Inevitably, as in any school, we must be realistic and accept that aspects of Christmas are anticipated before the term finishes on 20 December.  Our Service in the School Hall on Monday 18 December at 7.00pm is such an example.  We hope parents will join us on that evening.  Our Advent programme, including the weekly lunchtime Mass, will give us all opportunities to prepare properly for the Feast of the Nativity on 25 December and to understand its true significance.  Our pupils are also being encouraged to take part in services and Masses in their parishes to mark the seasons of Advent and Christmas over the coming weeks.

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