The school relies on the continuing support of parents in maintaining the high standards of behaviour and achievement which are evident here every day.  Visitors to the school frequently comment on the diligence, good manners, attentiveness and cooperation which are the norm for the vast majority of our pupils.


At the start of term all pupils were reminded of their responsibilities to achieve high standards in learning.  For all pupils this means: asking and answering questions in lessons, getting involved in discussions, completing tasks to the best of their ability and challenging themselves to do better.  These are the actions which enable pupils to achieve their best.  Parents, please encourage your child to continue securing the good and outstanding Behaviour for Learning grades achieved by most pupils in all subjects.  Pupils with outstanding Behaviour for Learning (BfL) get better results.  School data shows that the average predicted grade for pupils who have a BfL grade of 1 is GCSE Grade 7.  The average predicted grade for pupils who have a BfL grade 2 is GCSE Grade 5 etc.  Excellent behaviour for learning leads to excellent outcomes.


On those occasions when behaviour falls below the standards demanded here, the teacher has a responsibility to challenge that behaviour.  A variety of sanctions are deployed in a fair and rigorous system of escalation whenever a pupil’s behaviour is preventing their own or other pupils’ learning.  Sanctions include warnings, comments in the Pupil Planner, setting of additional work, detentions, isolations and ultimately exclusion from the school. Recently the school moved to an electronic system of recording behaviour and achievements which has resulted in making some changes to how behaviours and achievements are logged. 

Uniform checks will take place for all pupils in assemblies next week.  Any pupil wearing incorrect uniform will be given a replacement item of uniform for the day or be placed in isolation.  Detentions will follow. Please refer to the Dress for Success booklet on the front page of our school website for further details for our uniform policy.  Please note the rules about make-up and jewellery.  Acrylic nails are not appropriate for school.  Parents will be contacted whenever uniform rules are not being respected.

Congratulations to Year 9 pupil Johnny Kilroy on becoming a published author!  An article by Johnny has appeared in the BBC Doctor Who magazine.  Commenting on the costuming of Jodie Whittaker, the thirteenth and latest incarnation of the Time Lord in the long-running television series, Johnny writes: “The costume is a fantastic blend of a modern and a 1970s aesthetic, which complements the character of the Doctor perfectly.  The retro multi-coloured stripes and yellow braces hark back to the costumes of the Fourth and Sixth Doctors, the long coat paying homage to the Tenth Doctor’s outfit.  It seems to me like the perfect middle ground between the zany costumes of the early Doctors and the more casual outfits of recent times.  It’s an inspired decision.”

The Year 7 boys’ five a-side football team were crowned Leeds champions this week.  Undefeated in their qualification group, the Heenan side eliminated Lawnswood, Carr Manor and Ralph Thoresby schools before advancing to the Leeds finals where they finished ahead of Allerton, Brigshaw and Crawshaw, prior to defeating the Co-operative Academy of Leeds 2-0 in the final with goals from Ralph Nkomba and Gavin Maleka.  Congratulations to squad members Louis Pearce, Frankie Waide, Jake Johnson, Archie Farrell-Smith, Gavin Maleka and Ralph Nkomba.  Team coach Mr Easter has praised the boys for their strong commitment and sportsmanship throughout the campaign.

Another group of Year 10 boys enjoyed a programme of leadership training at Leeds Beckett this week.  It was designed to allow them to understand personal strengths and leadership styles and to develop skills of constructive communication, management of others and reflection.  The sessions were led by staff and student ambassadors from the university.  It was intended to raise aspirations and to give pupils an introduction to higher education and university life.  The day involved teaching, presentations, workshops and activities.



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