New School Uniform

The school is introducing a new school uniform with effect from 1 September 2015. Details are given in two important documents issued to pupils today: the Dress for Success booklet and the Frequently Asked Questions sheet. These outline the school’s expectations in relation to all aspects of uniform. The documents should be read in conjunction with each other and studied thoroughly before purchasing any items of existing or new uniform.

A focus of the school’s work in recent weeks has been to improve standards of existing uniform for all pupils. This uniform drive will be intensified in the remaining weeks of the school year, to ensure the highest standards. We ask for your support in helping us to maintain standards.

Mr Corcoran will deliver assemblies to all pupils in the week beginning 1 June, emphasising the key points inherent in the Dress for Success booklet. We are confident that the vast majority of our pupils will continue to comply with the school’s expectations. Where this is not the case, an Inappropriate Uniform Card will be issued to the pupil, highlighting the area of concern. Parents are asked to sign and return the card to school with a commitment to address the aspect of uniform identified, at the latest by the start of the new academic year in September 2015. We thank you for your continued support on this important area of school life.

The school will close to pupils at 1.20pm on Thursday 11 June 2015. Priorities for School Development planning in 2014-15 require subject teachers and support staff to review curriculum plans and revise schemes of work, in view of significant changes to GCSE in all subjects which are being introduced. The initiative is part of the school’s strategy to ensure high standards of subject delivery across all year groups. An early lunch will precede tutor time before dismissal. School buses will collect pupils from school at 1.30pm. School meals will be served earlier than usual.

Please contact school if this early close causes childcare problems. Pupils who are unable to get home may remain in school until 3.15pm. Supervision by staff will be provided but normal lessons will be suspended. The time gained by staff will be used conscientiously to plan and map provision in light of curriculum change.

Duke of Edinburgh Walk

Twenty Year 9 pupils demonstrated their navigation and camp craft skills last weekend in a practice run for their forthcoming Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award expedition.  Our pupils walked 15 miles from Harewood to Burley in Wharfedale, staying overnight in self-assembled tents at Bramhope Scout camp.  They encountered new experiences and discovered talents (and muscles) they never knew they had.  They ate only the food that they carried. Pasta featured high on many of signature menus.  The expedition practice was a great success despite a cold Saturday evening in tents.  Pupils were required to carry all the equipment and supplies they needed for the two day activity.  Congratulations to Aimee Tarpey, Alexandra Dickinson, Bethany Tatler, Charlize Muziki-Madilo, Darragh Kennedy, Dioni Murphy, Dominic Coverley, Ella Craggs, Finn Rea, Jack Mercer, Katie Rose Crowe, Louis Connell, Magdelene Robinson, Matthew Kerrigan, Nathan Brady, Scarlett Rowe, Sean Carey and Sinead King.  Thanks to Mrs. McBrinn and Mrs. Banks, for leading the weekend and preparing the pupils in advance, and to Mr Smithells, Mr Nelson, Mrs Lea and Mr Wild for their support on the walk across the two days.  The assessed expedition for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award is scheduled from Saturday, 20th to Sunday, 21 June. We wish our pupils every success for this activity.

Duke of Edinburgh Walk 2

Debating Prize

Pupils at Cardinal Heenan, Abbey Grange, Allerton High, Lawnswood and Ralph Thoresby schools were competitors in debates at the Headingley Festival of Ideas.  The debates were set up in a format devised by the Institute of Ideas for sixth-form competitions, with a focus on content rather than presentation.  Congratulations to Sally Greaney who was voted 'Best Speaker' by the judges after tackling the brief of proposing: Nobody has the right not to be offended.  Our Year 10 team of Patrick Ferguson, Margarita Budreviciute, Sally Greaney and Elly Hogan represented the school with great credit to reach the final. In the deciding round Elly Hogan and Margarita Budreviciute proposed the motion: The UK should embrace fracking very ably but were narrowly defeated by winners Allerton High SchoolLeeds Salon, a public forum for debate around contemporary political, cultural and scientific issues, hosted the event at Headingley Enterprise and Arts centre (HEART).  Mrs Rutherford and Dr Bradley give generously of their time in preparing pupils for these debates and co-ordinating this very popular and successful activity in school.  We are grateful for their work.

Festival of Ideas

Science Presentation

This week 40 Year 10 pupils took part in a science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) workshop.  They were challenged to design an energy efficient production line.  Activities included preparing a presentation and interactive questions.  Congratulations to our winning team of Carina Font, Mikey Flannery, Makaza Tembo, Elly Hogan and Aoife Conlon.  Their prize is an invitation to an Assessment Day where they will have the chance to pitch their ideas to selectors, competing with students from other schools for places of paid work experience with Nestlé UK.  Another team of Nathan Allinson, Magarita Budreviciute, Conor Hopkinson, Kitty Grenham and Lauren Walters accredited themselves very well.

Science Group

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