Mr D Kelly

Senior Deputy Headteacher

Deputy Headteacher

Ms S Barnes

Dr P Caldwell 

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs E Stockton-Pitt

Extended Senior Leadership Team

Mr D Mangan°

Miss H McMinn°

Mr R O'Flanagan°

Mrs A Powell-Wiffen

Mr P Teggart

Achievement Leaders

Mr R Palmer (Years 7 & 8)

Mr D Easter (Year 9)

Miss R Bishop (Year 10)

Mrs A Millington (Year 11)

Priest Chaplain

Chaplaincy Coordinator

Fr J Hilton

Mrs S Holder

Religious Education

Mr A Wickremaratne*

Mrs R Davies+

Mrs G Hayden

Mrs K Holmes

Mrs S Holder


Mrs H Stanton*

Mrs H Flaherty+

Mrs L Clarke

Miss R Bishop

Mrs L Himsworth


Miss H McMinn°

Mrs C Feasey+

Miss H Bell

Miss L Blanc

Dr M Bradley

Miss L Burns

Miss S Deedigan

Mr D Easter

Mr P Teggart

Ms P Gallagher


Mr D Mangan°

Miss C Griffiths+

Mrs L Corcoran

Miss K Mawer

Mrs A Millington

Miss K Russell

Miss H Schiedermeier

Mr A Birtles


Mr R O'Flanagan°

Miss L Hudson+

Miss C Baines

Dr P Caldwell

Dr J Castelino

Mr C Henderson

Mr D Fletcher

Mrs J Whitelaw

Art and Design

Mrs S Atkinson*

Mrs A Craven


Miss A Thomas*

Mr S Milner

Mrs A Powell-Wiffen


Mr K Wild*

Mrs A Langan

Mrs S McBrinn

Mr R Molloy

ICT & Business Studies

Mr E Hartwell*

Mrs C McGinley*


Mrs M Keith*

Miss R Hill

Physical Education

Mr J Hayden*

Mr T Edney+

Miss J Adamson

Miss A Thomas

Miss A Wallace


Mr M Richmond*

Mrs S Atkinson

Mr E Hartwell

Mr R Palmer

Mrs S Wilson

Careers Guidance Mr K Gaffey
Co-ordinator of PHSE and Citizenship Dr M Bradley
Year Managers

Mrs N Hoyland (Years 10 & 11)

Mrs R Brumskill (Year 7 & 8)

Miss E Waite (Year 9 & 11)

Special Educational Needs 
& Disabilities
Mrs A Powell-Wiffen°
Achievement Champion Mrs R Evans
Attendance Officer Mrs A Marks
Teaching Assistants

Mrs F Booth

Mrs T Campbell

Mrs J Donkin

Mrs S Cruz

Mrs H McAndrew

Mrs S McBrinn

Mr J Moore

Miss K Starrit

Mrs R Swaddle

Miss J Ruskowska

Miss S Moore

Literacy Coordinator

Mr D Easter

Lead Practitioner

Mrs J Whitelaw

Progress Learning Centre Manager

Mrs V Hansbro

Teacher Training Facilitator

Mrs K Holmes

Literacy Support Assistant

Miss L Burns

Cover Assistants

Mrs R Brumskill (Supervisor)

Mrs S Crossland

Language Assistant

Ms T Perez Carral Panchuelo

IT Services

Mr M Burton (Manager)

Mr D Brayshaw (IT Technician)

School Systems Manager (Organisation) Mrs M Martland
Examinations Officer Mrs R Firth
Data & Examinations Manager Mrs A Plygawko
School Finance & Admin Manager Mrs J Turner
Admin Support

Mrs J Dahl (HR & Cover)

Mrs J Dodgson (Admin)

Mrs A Fieldhouse (Admin Support)

Mrs B Fox (Finance)

Mrs A Marks (Attendance Officer)

Miss M Malyon (Admin)

Miss H Charlesworth (Admin)


Mrs K Walker (Science)

Mrs C Clinch (Science)

Mr L Folan (Technology & Practical Arts)

Bellrock Facilities Management Staff

Mrs M Kempton

Mrs B Chadwick

Mr N Coultas

Miss D Harrison

Mr R Mallory

  °Director of Subject
*Curriculum Leader
+Assistant Curriculum Leader