Cardinal Heenan

Cardinal Heenan

Catholic High School


Art & Design

Curriculum Leader: Mrs S Atkinson

Art Curriculum Intent

The aim of our art and design department is to inspire young people so they feel comfortable to experiment, investigate and skilfully use a range of materials and techniques. Student will creatively explore a range of starting points taking inspirations from nature, culture, their surroundings, artists, architects and designers. Through research and development pupils will then be able to create personal and meaningful outcomes demonstrating a range of media relevant to their intentions.


The GCSE Art Course is an exciting and stimulating course of study. Over the three years students are encouraged to follow their own interests within the subject and to develop independence in their style and in their thinking. Students will be introduced to the work of a range of artists, craftspeople and cultures, and will develop artistic skills using a variety of materials and techniques ranging from printmaking to sculpture.

Art and Design GCSE

Course Level: 1/2 GCSE Exam Board: AQA Course code: 8202

What the course covers

Projects will be completed over the course of the three years. Examples of these might be:

A Still Life Project
Students will study the work of Pop Artists. Personal responses will be produced in an exciting range of media including printing, clay, sculpture and mixed-media materials.

The Natural World
The work of numerous artists, street artists and designers will be studied. Students will develop their own designs based on their research, working in mixed-media to
produce a personal response.

My World
Students will explore the concept of ‘My World’ by looking at their hobbies, preferences and environment. They will explore their own styles and interests, link these to chosen
artists and produce a personal piece based on research.

Students will be assessed on their ability to:
• Develop initial ideas by looking at contextual and
other sources
• Use resources material and media to refine and
develop ideas
• Record ideas and observations
• Produce personal outcomes, making informed connections with the work of the artists that they have studied

Component 1: Portfolio 60% of GCSE
A portfolio that in total shows explicit coverage of the four assessment objectives. It must include a sustained project evidencing the journey from initial engagement to the
realisation of intentions and a selection of further work undertaken during the student’s course of study.

Component 2: Externally set assignment 40% of GCSE
Students are given a question paper in the January of Year 11 and have a ten week period in which to prepare a response before the start of the 10 hour examination. The examination takes place over two days.

Where the course can lead
GCSE Art can lead to GCE Advanced Level, Foundation studies and university. Employment prospects are good within many professions, including computer-based design, for those with a background in art and design. Anyone who wishes to discuss their suitability for GCSE Art should see Mrs Atkinson (Room A23) or Mrs Craven (Room A24).