Cardinal Heenan

Cardinal Heenan

Catholic High School



Curriculum Leader: Mr J Smith

Mathematics Curriculum Intent

Mathematics is beautiful. At its heart Mathematics is a set of principles which underpins scientific thought. In learning Mathematics our students develop a toolkit to solve real world problems in diverse areas such as Science, Technology and Geography. Moreover, they acquire a logical approach to problem solving in which they look first at the end goal and then work methodically one step at a time. To this end, our lessons are characterised by an emphasis on fluency, reasoning and problem solving. This requires that our students think hard, and develops their determination, resilience and persistence. In Mathematics we teach students that the answer is not the goal; what matters most is the process.


All pupils will follow a course which leads to GCSE certification in Mathematics. Mathematics provides a wonderful opportunity to study order, symmetry and logic whilst encouraging imaginative and creative thinking in problem solving. It gives a firm understanding of the world around us and provides a highly respected qualification at Key Stage 4 which is essential for entry to university and most professional career paths.

Mathematics GCSE

Course Level: GCSE Exam Board: AQA Course code: 8300

What the course covers

This course enables students to:

1.develop fluent knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical methods and concepts

2. acquire, select and apply mathematical techniques to solve problems

3.reason mathematically, make deductions and inferences and draw conclusions

4.comprehend, interpret and communicate mathematical information in a variety of forms
appropriate to the information and context.

Six broad topics are covered:
• Number
• Algebra
• Ratio, proportion and rates of change
• Geometry and measures
• Probability
• Statistics

In addition to this subject content, students should be able
to recall, select and apply mathematical formulae.


Three formal written examinations of 1 hour 30 minutes each.

Paper 1: non-calculator
Paper 2: calculator
Paper 3: calculator

All content can be assessed on any of the three examination question papers. As such, some questions will draw together elements of maths from different topic areas

Where the course can lead

GCSE Mathematics is essential for Advanced study in a range of subjects and many Higher Education courses.


Tiers of Entry

In order for each student to have the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential, this subject has two tiers of entry. The content of the examination papers
is targeted at the grades that can be achieved at that tier.

Foundation Tier: Grades 1-5. Candidates entered for the foundation tier can only achieve grades 1-5.

Higher Tier: Grades 4-9. Candidates entered for the higher tier can only achieve grades 4-9.

Each student’s tier of entry will be decided in Year 11.