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Cardinal Heenan

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Religious Education

Curriculum Leader: Mr A Wicker

Religious Education Curriculum Intent

Religious Education is at the core of the curriculum at Cardinal Heenan. We are committed to supporting students at whatever stage they might be on their faith journey. We strive to help students achieve their full potential as human beings.

We believe it is essential that all students should have an appreciation of the religious and spiritual dimension of life. We aim to encourage awareness and appreciation of the pupils’ own worth and that of others and also to respect the rights of other people who have beliefs which are different to their own. As a Catholic community it is our duty to deepen the knowledge and understanding of Catholic faith and make known the Person of Jesus Christ. We also learn about other religious traditions and enable young people to explore their own story, experiences, personal beliefs and that of others whatever their faith background.

RE is also an academic subject and pupils are expected to develop skills of research, thinking, reasoning, communication and co-operation. We therefore strive to help to develop these skills for further academic study.

We offer a range of activities outside of the classroom which we hope will inspire and increase enjoyment in the subject, e.g. pilgrimages, retreats, guest speakers, visits to places of worship.
All students at Cardinal Heenan study GCSE Religious Education. The course content aims to develop knowledge, skills and understanding of religion. We explore the significance and impact of beliefs, teachings, sources, textual study, practices and ways of life. RE lessons also give students the opportunities to express personal responses to the big questions in life, such as “Who am I?” “What happens when I die?” “What is the meaning of life?” “How can I develop a relationship with God?”
In the future, what students have explored in RE will give them the resilience and knowledge to face the challenges of life with confidence.


All students study Religious Education which forms part of the core curriculum. The course leads to GCSE certification in Religious Studies. The department motivates students by lively, interesting activities. Members of the local community provide an input whenever possible.

Religious Studies GCSE

Course Level: GCSE Course Level: GCSE Course code: 8063YB

What the course covers
Part One: Catholic Christianity 50% of GCSE

Six Topics:
• Creation
• Incarnation
• The Triune God
• Redemption
• Church
• Eschatology

Part Two: Perspectives on Faith
The Study of Judaism 25% of GCSE

Two Topics:
• Beliefs and Teachings
• Practices

Textual Studies 25% of GCSE
Two Topics:
• St Mark’s Gospel - the life of Jesus
• St Mark’s Gospel as a source of spiritual truth


At the end of the course all pupils will be entered for the
Full Course GCSE in Religious Studies. The full course
examination consists of two written papers.

Where the course can lead

Religious Studies is a challenging course, relevant to every decision students will face in later life. It is widely regarded as an important area of academic study. A GCSE in Religious Studies is essential for anyone hoping to study the subject at GCSE Advanced Level or to read a degree in Theology, Philosophy or Moral Doctrine. It is also a valuable grounding for those considering careers in
teaching, social work, law, medicine, the Civil Service, the Media, the Church or related professions.

If you have concerns about, or would like to discuss, any elements of the RE curriculum, please contact the Curriculum Leader for RE, Mr A Wicker.