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Letter from Children & Families Service Leeds City Council

15 July 2020 (by Mark Burton (M.Burton))

Dear parent/carer

The partial closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic means that you may be worried about what your child is going to do in September and where to go for advice. This letter sets out some simple things you can do as a parent to support your child so that they are in education, employment or training this September.

The schools are only open to some pupils and some may be closing early for the summer. Where can my child go for careers advice?

Although schools are only partially open, most staff are still working, and this includes careers staff. By law, all schools and academies have to publish the name, email address and telephone number of the school’s Careers Leader on the school’s website.

The first recommended step would be to contact this person requesting some advice and guidance for your child. If there is no response, you should then contact the school’s general email address and ask someone to respond to you.

Where else can I go for advice and guidance?

Contact the Leeds Pathways Support Team by emailing

The team are part of the Leeds City Council Youth Service. Their purpose is to provide support, information and guidance to any 16 and 17 year old to help them move into a positive destination such as further education, training, employment with training or an apprenticeship. They will talk to your child about their aspirations and any barriers they may be facing and then work with them to devise a plan.

Help! My child is no longer at school and has nothing in place for September

To get more information about careers please visit

We usually hold an event after GCSE results day called Leeds Next Steps where young people can talk to local colleges and apprenticeship providers, get information and advice about post- 16 learning opportunities, individual courses, apprenticeships and traineeships and find something to suit them.

This year the information will be available virtually – please follow the link below to find out more from a wide range of schools, colleges and other providers.

My child wants to do an apprenticeship but I don’t know anything about them

Apprenticeships are real jobs and are available to anyone who is living in England and is over the age of 16. Apprenticeships have four levels, intermediate, advanced, higher and degree.

An apprentice will spend 20% of their time off-the-job training, taking a qualification that is related to the type of apprenticeship they are following.

Up to 20,000 apprenticeship vacancies are advertised on Find An Apprenticeship, on the government portal

To find out more you can contact the Leeds Apprenticeship Hub by emailing or looking at their Facebook Page -

You can listen to more information about apprenticeships on Youtube

To find out more, discuss the requirements for an apprenticeship or if you feel your child may not reach the required grades for the apprenticeship they want please contact the Leeds Apprenticeship Hub by emailing

Where could my child get some information about employment support?

One-to-one support is now available through Leeds City Council’s Employment Hub who offer help with CVs, job searching, application forms, interviews and general careers advice and guidance
To sign up, call the referral line on 0113 3784576 or email
A qualified advisor will then get in touch to offer online & telephone support to help you access the next steps.

My child has applied for a college place. Will interviews still be taking place?

Most colleges are still accepting applications for next year. In most cases the college holds some type of interview; this could be in the form of a google form asking some questions around the choice of course, long terms goals and plans for the future. Some courses require a telephone interview or a virtual conversation; in all these cases we will advise your child on what he/she need to do and how to complete the interview.

What if my child doesn’t get the grades he or she was hoping for?

In the first instance your son or daughter should contact the college or sixth form they have applied to so they can discuss the options with them. He or she can also actually sit the exams they would have taken in the summer this autumn. You should discuss this with your child’s school.

Does this advice just apply to Year 11s?

No, this applies to Year 12 and 13 students too.

We wish your teenager every success in their future studies and work.

Yours faithfully

Children & Families Service
Leeds City Council