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Congratulations to The Class of 2020!

20 August 2020 (by Mark Burton (M.Burton))

Congratulations to The Class of 2020 who have today received an exceptional set of GCSE results. These represent the students’ tireless dedication and hard work throughout their time at Cardinal Heenan and are testament to their perseverance and resilience, not least in these extraordinary times. We are incredibly proud of each of our students and were privileged to be able to share in today’s celebrations with them.

There are a significant number of individual success stories, both of students achieving the top grades and students who have made outstanding progress over the course of their time at Cardinal Heenan. We are delighted that each of these individuals’ determination has been rightly recognised.

Furthermore, we are thrilled that almost all of our students are able to pursue their chosen post-16 pathway, be this further study for A levels and other level 3 courses or undertaking an apprenticeship.

We are also aware that The Class of 2020 have missed out on many of the milestones of a normal year, such as the school prom, end of term mass, the nerves before the first exam and the elation after the last one. However, there are some things that can never be taken from them. All of the amazing, wonderful and strange things that they learned in school they still know. All of the skills they have honed are still theirs. All of the experiences that they have had over the last five years can never be taken from them. Education and learning is about so much more than the numbers that are written on a piece of paper (no matter how fantastic they are!); this is not all that they have achieved. Each of our students is a unique, wonderful and multi-faceted individual. Just as each of them have grown, developed and changed throughout their time at Cardinal Heenan, so too they have contributed to the growth and development of Cardinal Heenan. They do not leave Cardinal Heenan today; they are ever a part of our community.

Congratulations to The Class of 2020; you are awesome!