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Parental Engagement - Initial Video Letter

28 March 2022 (by Mark Burton (M.Burton))

Dear parents/carers,

We are pleased to be able to launch the first of our parental support videos this week. It is based on helping your child navigate social media and includes information and practical ideas on how parents can best support in this often-complex area.

Over the coming months, based on feedback from parents in a recent survey, we are going to release a series of remote videos that will cover topics that you have informed us you would like to know more about. The following topics will be covered: 

  • Supporting your child with their learning
  • Supporting your child with their homework
  • Supporting your child with assessments and exams
  • Helping your child build positive relationships in school
  • How to support you child with post-16 options and careers 

We will also be hosting an evening of workshops that will focus on supporting pupils with their mental health and wellbeing. This will take place in the summer term, in school, and will see professionals with expertise in these fields deliver presentations and offer practical advice and support.

To access our first video please follow this link: 

If you have any questions or wish to offer feedback on the videos please contact Mr Teggart –

Your sincerely,

Phil Teggart

Associate Assistant Headteacher

Head of Year 7