Our Staff

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team


Mr D Kelly°° 

Senior Assistant Headteacher 

Mr D Mangan°° 
Ms E Stockton-Pitt°° 

Assistant Headteachers 

Mrs A Powell-Wiffen°° 
Miss A Thomas°° 
Mrs V Tiffany°° 

School Business Manager 

Mrs J Turner°° 

Extended Leadership Team

Associate Assistant HeadteachersMr D Easter°
Miss M McMinn°
Mr R O’Flanagan°
Mr J Smith°
Mr P Teggart°
Mr J Tunnecliff° 

Heads of Year

Year 7 – Head of Year 

Mr P Teggart° 

Assistant Head of Year & Isolation 

Mrs R Brumskill 

Year 8 – Head of Year 

Mr R Palmer 

Assistant Head of Year 


Year 9 – Head of Year 

Mr D Easter° 

Assistant Head of Year 

Mrs J Bertram 

Year 10 – Head of Year 

Mrs A Millington 

Assistant Head of Year 


Year 11 – Head of Year 

Mr T Edney 

Assistant Head of Year 

Mrs H McDonagh 

Priest Chaplain Fr Henry Longbottom
School Lay Chaplain Ms L Blanc


Religious EducationMr J Tunnecliff°
Mrs R Davies+
Miss J Harnett
Mrs G Hayden
Ms J Hope
English & DramaMiss H McMinn°
Mrs C Feasey+
Miss H Bell
Dr M Bradley
Miss L Burns
Mr D Easter°
Ms P Gallagher
Ms J McAnuff
Mrs E Murphy
Miss T Pendred*
Mr P Teggart°
Mrs V Tiffany°°
MathematicsMr J Smith°
Ms E Cowley+
Mrs L Corcoran
Mrs K Gold
Mr D Mangan°°
Mrs A McLeer
Mrs A Millington
Mrs K Rolley
Miss K Russell
Ms E Stockton-Pitt°°
ScienceMr R O’Flanagan°
Dr J Castelino+
Miss A Coulson
Mrs C Felton
Mr D Fletcher
Mrs R McManus
Mrs J Whitelaw
Art and DesignMrs S Atkinson*
Mrs A Craven
Business StudiesMs C McGrellis*
GeographyMr L Jones*
Miss A Frost
Mrs S McBrinn
Mrs A Powell-Wiffen°°
Miss A Thomas°°
HistoryMr K Wild*
Mrs A Langan
Mr R Molloy
ICTMr E Hartwell*
Ms C McGrellis
LanguagesMrs H Stanton*
Miss R Bishop
Mrs L Clarke
Mr J Coronil Martinez
MusicMiss T Pendred*
Miss R Hill
Physical Education and Health & Social CareMr J Wynne*
Miss A Wallace+
Miss J Adamson
Mr J Coronil Martinez
Mr T Edney
Miss J Goode
TechnologyMr M Richmond*
Mrs S Atkinson
Mrs A Craven
Mr R Palmer
Mrs S Wilson
Careers GuidanceMr K Gaffey
Coordinator of PHSE and CitizenshipDr M Bradley
LibrarianMiss L Burns


Student Support Manager 

Mrs A Marks  

Attendance & Student Support Officer 

Mrs H Singh

Pastoral Lead 

Miss E Waite 



Behaviour Support 

Mrs R Brumskill 

Pastoral Support Assistant 

Mrs K Knowles 

Curriculum Support

Special Educational Needs & DisabilitiesMrs A Powell-Wiffen°°
Intervention CoordinatorMrs S Panesar
Teaching AssistantsMrs L Marsch-Swinnerton
Mrs M Spellman
Mrs R Swaddle
Teaching Assistant with responsibility for MathematicsMr J Moore
Teaching Assistant – BehaviourMr N Panesar
Teaching Assistant – Complex NeedsMrs J Singleton
Learning FacilitatorsMrs T Cuthbertson
Mrs V Hansbro
Cover AssistantMrs S Crossland
Miss A Peichl
Network ManagerMr M Burton
Senior IT TechnicianMr D Brayshaw


School Business ManagerMrs J Turner°°
MIS ManagerDr M Payne
MIS AssistantMiss T Cosstick
HR Administration & Cover ManagerMrs A Fieldhouse
PA to the Headteacher & Admissions ManagerMrs J Dodgson
Business Administrative Assistants

Miss C Rashidi-Stapleton

Mrs J Forbes

Assistant Business ManagerMr S Smith


Science TechniciansMr A Meiklejohn
Mrs K Walker
Technology & Practical ArtsMr L Folan
Foreign Language AssistantMs T Panchuelo
Music InstructorMr B Renshaw
Bellrock Facilities ManagementMrs M Kempton

°° Senior Leadership Team  
°  Extended Leadership Team 
*  Curriculum Leader 
+ Assistant Curriculum Leader 

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