Mission Statement

Mission Statement

John Carmel Heenan (1905-1975) was Bishop of Leeds, Archbishop of Liverpool and Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. This school is a living tribute to a very faithful servant of God. We are proud to bear his name.

We wear the word Veritas (Truth) on our school blazers in memory of St Thomas Aquinas. He lived a life of prayer and study which led him to the Dominican Order, whose motto is “Veritas” or “Truth”. He sought truth wherever it could be found and burned with the desire to know the one truth, God, which gives meaning to all truths.

The Catholic Christian community at Cardinal Heenan endeavours to help students to know and build a relationship with Jesus Christ and to live the Catholic faith through prayer, sacraments and service. We are committed to making learning challenging and enjoyable for all so that we will secure the best outcomes and remain lifelong learners who are committed to seeking truth.

We strive to help all to learn and grow, treating one another with respect and generosity, whilst supporting parents as the first and most important educators of our children. Our aim is to inspire excellence by encouraging every individual to be the person that God calls us to be, in preparation for this life and the life to come.


Our School Prayer

Almighty God, you have gathered us together as members of one body.
Grant that we may realise our responsibilities to one another,
And may truth, honour and kindness abound among us.

Bless all past members of this school community
And grant eternal rest to those who have died.

Help us to build on the best traditions we have inherited
And to hand on to those who come after us the Christian virtues of Faith, Hope and Love.

May your blessing rest upon our work,
May your name be honoured in our midst
And your peace guard our hearts.

We ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


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