Personal Development

Personal Development

Jesus’ words in John’s gospel express the aim of human life as ‘human flourishing’. Our purpose in this life is to flourish by seeking to form our character through the pursuit of personal strengths called virtues. These virtues, which are displayed in our school foyer, are faith, hope, love, justice, solidarity, temperance, courage and practical wisdom. Students demonstrate these virtues in many aspects of school, both in and out of lessons and it is important that you reflect upon these regularly.

Virtue Demonstrated Through… Practical Examples
Faith Faithfulness Membership of Chaplaincy Teams, taking part in/leading worship, Faith in Action Award, Lourdes Pilgrimages, Retreats
Hope Prayer, confidence Careers events, chaplaincy involvement, retreats, ecological actions
Love Charity, hospitality, compassion, forgiveness, friendship, service Student receptionist, volunteering (DofE), reading leaders, junior librarians, charity involvement, student council, prefects
Justice Honesty, kindness, gratitude, generosity Student council, charity involvement, prefects, ecology, campaigning
Solidarity Loving your neighbour, respect, responsible citizenship Sports teams, Faith in Action, teambuilding, enterprise club
Temperance Simplicity, humility, gentleness, self-control, love of learning, sense of humour Debating society, Shakespeare club, musicianship, sports involvement, achievement point awards, science magazine, creating art
Courage Patience, perseverance, resilience, determination Sports teams/captains, musicianship, overcoming adversity/illness/bereavement, action planning after receiving your report
Practical Wisdom Reflection, deliberation, discernment Chess club, careers events, attending extra revision sessions, wider reading around your subjects

Students have their own Personal Development Passport, and it is a document that supports and promotes individual reflection on all the areas of school life they participate in. Within the Personal Development Passport students reflect on how the participation in activities has help them grow as a person. The reflection often includes thoughts about the students future and how they can draw together experience to help them prepare for the next stage of their education and career.

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