Support to families

Support to families

Cardinal Heenan seeks to help and support our community, especially in these challenging times and we hope the links below might help support you:

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice offers a range of services that are available and free to all.

They can support you as parents and families by providing information and advice to help identify and address the underlying reason for lots of the problems you may face, such as:

  • looking at your income if you are struggling financially, to see if there is any financial support you may be entitled to
  • support with debts to look for solutions to make repayment easier
  • help with applications for benefits such as Disability Living Allowance if you have a disabled child
  • identify and link you into grants and concessions that you may be entitled to if they are in fuel/utility poverty and cannot afford to either keep your home warm and/or repay fuel debts
  • refer you for emergency fuel support if you have run out of credit on their meter
  • negotiate with third parties on your behalf i.e. creditors, landlords, social services
  • provide Wellbeing support if you are feeling lonely and isolated


They can talk through any problem and either look to provide advice themselves or refer to a third party, if that is in your best interest. For more information visit

The Leeds Money Information Centre

The Leeds Money Information Centre provides free, confidential and impartial help and advice on a range of money-related matters such as debt, money, energy and utilities.

One-to-one tailored support is available via digital, telephone and face-to-face appointments. For more information visit


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