School Routines

School Routines

There are many routines that occur day-to-day at Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School, from the moment we enter the building to the journey home from school.  

Below are examples of some of the day-to-day routines: 

  • When a classroom is locked line up quietly on the corridor in single file before entering classroom. 
  • Enter the classroom quietly and in an orderly manner.
  • Get used to the routines that each teacher sets in their classroom, for example some teachers will require you to stand behind your desk, get your equipment out and wait until the teacher asks you to sit down; others may have a routine which is to sit down, get your equipment out and immediately start on a piece of work.
  • Bring all your equipment to school and put it on your desk at the start of the lesson with your planner.
  • Always write in blue or black ink and use a green pen for GPOP work. 
  • Write the date on the page and underline the title with a ruler.
  • Ensure that work is completed to the best of your ability. Your teacher may ask you to repeat work that can be improved, or is of an unacceptable standard.
  • Being an active learner is an expectation i.e. take part in all parts of the lesson including listening carefully and responding to questions asked.
  • At the end of the lesson, stand behind your desk and wait to be dismissed.
  • Move between lessons via the inside of the building only.
  • Keep to the left when moving between lessons during busy times, following the one-way system on the stairs in an orderly manner (no running or shouting). You should be conscious of what is an acceptable level of noise when inside our building.

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