Annual Awareness Events

Annual Awareness Events

Black History Month 2022 

Black History Month originated in America and migrated to the UK in 1987. It is a month to celebrate and learn history that has either been neglected, misrepresented, disrespected or largely forgotten about. It is a month for us all to learn about the contributions of black people in this country and around the world. It is an opportunity to learn about how we all fit into this country’s past and to dedicate time to our shared history. Black history month is a month for all.

When it was first founded it focused primarily on the contributions that people of African and Caribbean backgrounds have made to the UK. It has since been expanded to recognise the contributions of black people in general. As a school, we have worked incredibly hard to diversify our curriculum and embed a representational history within our wider curriculum as a whole.

This October we have focused on black British Civil Rights Activists. Our students know about Civil Rights icons such as Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks but very little about Paul Stephenson and Altheia Jones – Le Cointe. This October we have challenged this and through tutor activities, assemblies, displays and exhibitions widened our community’s knowledge of black British Civil Rights Activists.

We hope the resources below, which have already been presented to all students in tutor groups and assemblies might be useful and generate positive debate.

The PowerPoint presentations below were presented and used for further discussion and debate with all students throughout October 2022.

Tutor activity 1

Tutor activity 2

Tutor activity 3

Students throughout Cardinal Heenan presented this assembly during October 2022. 

BHM 2022 Assembly

Copies of all these books can be found in our library. If any student is unsure which book might be for them please speak to Miss Burns in the library. 

Please be mindful of the film classifications when selecting films.

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