Student tips on overcoming the barriers of doing homework

Student tips on overcoming the barriers of doing homework

This week, Dr Castelino is delivering an assembly on the value of homework to our students. Homework is an integral part of learning at Cardinal Heenan, students who regularly do their homework form good habits, have increased confidence and achieve. We do however understand that students can experience challenges in completing their homework including limited time, lack of confidence in a subject or topic or simply not motivated. 

 Dr Castelino’s presentation contains practical tips and advice from our students who have faced these challenges and found solutions that work for them. Please click here to see the full presentation.

Students who have taken charge of their learning and have successfully incorporated homework into their routine suggest the following: 

  • set aside time to do their homework 
  • work in a quiet environment 
  • think about the homework they are doing  
  • use the right resources, if unsure 
  • seek advice, if stuck 


Doing homework regularly builds lifelong habits that will stand our students in good stead. 

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